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. Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP MEP Gerard BATTEN member of the racist, pro EU membership, anti homosexual group of anti Jewish EU Politicians in The EFD Group chaired by Nigel Farage!

& the association thus of UKIP & the criminal Gregory LAUDER-FROST!

Known by some since his 2 year prison sentence for defrauding his Health Service employers as Frauder-Lost!

Quote Originally Posted by Baron von Lotsov View Post
What do you mean by extreme? Can you give practical examples to illustrate issues of extremity that you want to get rid of? .....

Answered on a largely UKIP controlled Forum contrplled and owned by the discreditted Anthony Butcher, briefly an NEC member but clearly out of his depth quit shortly after his election and is currently a parish councillor in Long Ashton near Bristol.

The respondent passes himself off using a fake ID as do many of those posting on Anthony Butcher's Forum, in many cases such as with the UKIP leadership claque it seems to make it easier for them to lie and defame as with such as Stathan (Kevin Mahoney), Independent UKIP, Skeptyk, Gothmog and other similar cowards and low lifes.

In the case of this correspondent 'Mjolnir' he does at least quote extensively from the main stream media:

Well, as examples of extremism go, I think this is pretty good. It is from the Guardian, April 24 1993.

"Worse was to come. In November Lauder-Frost was sent to prison for two years for defrauding the Riverside Health Authority of over £100,000. The money was never recovered. It emerged at the end of his trial that Lauder-Frost was trying to interest an American company in buying arms from Russia. In a letter to the company, he said: "I attach a list of military equipment immediately available from Russia. Some of the items on this faxed list sent to me direct from my people there are bound to raise your eyebrows. However, I am told all are genuine. Prices are in US dollars and I am of the opinion that you could knock them down considerably. "

You, BvL, will now attack the messenger, and come back with something like "Oh, but thats the Guardian, and they are fascist cultural Marxists" or some such rubbish. But BvL, as much as you may attack the messenger, the facts stand up for themselves.

I will show my hand a wee bit here, and say that Lauder-Frost was a concern to HMG prior to this. The Evening Standard even picked up on this, and on April7 1992 they printed: "Until recently, the Secretary General of the Monarchist League, Gregory Lauder-Frost, who was dismissed from his duties as payroll operations manager at Charing Cross Hospital in January, is bracing himself for a fresh challenge. He is to forge a new life in Russia, holing up in a 12-bedroom residence in St Petersburg." That was what we might call a warning shot across the bows, to give a heads up to his Tory chums who might not have fully appreciated who he was. HMG knew exactly what his aspirations were.

We know that Lauder-Frost was a member of the BNP - an e-mail apologising that he could not be an active member of the BNP's London region because he spent a lot of time in Scotland exists. We also know that he was a member of UKIP. If he still is, I don't know. He is certainly "well aquainted" with UKIP MEP Gerard Batten.
To view the original article exposing Gerard Batten's criminal associate Gregory Lauder-Frost CLICK HERE

There is no shortage of provenance of Gerard Batten's friend Gregory Lauder-Frost being an extremist as a BNP member and associated with other criminals see CLICK HERE

Clearly Gerard Batten's association with individuals such as this and the organisations they 'frequent' and promote can not for a moment be seen as responsible in the light of his highly paid public duties which are brought into disrepute by his behaviour and his overt apparent incitement to racial hatred by publication of generalist rants against British citizens and others who do not share his personal fears and superstitions passing as a religion.

Gerard Batten's espousal of condemnation of the views of Muslims may be at varience with his chosen superstition but to try to foment problems in this area is no part of his elected responsibility to campaign to Leave-The-EU and mounting personal attacks on British citizens is nothing more less than an abuse4 of his position and that it tends to foment racial hatred is beneath contempt.


UPDATE `13:00hrs. 22-May-2012
I am given to understand as follows - though I can provide no corroboration and am thus unsure of the veracity of the claim:
It is untrue he was found not guilty because the case was not fully heard.  All that happened was that he lost his precious reporting restriction and now everything can be openly written about.  Judge rightly said he is politician, is open to public scrutiny, is nothing special and reporting restriction discharged

I will provide further information if it comes to hand - speculation such as this is of course a product of attempts to restrict freedom of speech and impose gagging restrictions.

Surely those with nothing to hide would wish the facts to be known rather than destroy the fundamental principles of Democracy which are founded on freedom of speech.

Gerard Batten and UKIP's serial efforts to gag or censor using dishonest spin, all too often, make a nonsense of Nigel Farage's statement relative to Article 5.

You will note that UKIP's position is claimed to be:

Nigel Farage

“Not that I have ever been known to insult anybody in the course of my work, nor indeed that anybody has ever felt the need to insult me or UKIP for that matter.
But the principle that freedom of speech, a basic Liberty, must be defended and protected from well meaning legislation is one that UKIP has supported for years. We have had a commitment to reform Section 5 almost since we had any commitments.
In a robust democracy people must be free to insult and be insulted. We have laws that protect against incitement to violence and hatred, that should be enough. To protect my feelings from those who wish to laugh at me or hold me in contempt is a freedom I never wanted, nor hoped for.
So three cheers for this campaign, three cheers for those like Peter Tatchell, The Christian Institute, David Davis, The National Secular Society, the Freedom Association, Big Brother Watch and all the others standing up for the liberty of people to throw verbal brickbats around.’
To see UKIP's thoroughly misleading claim see CLICK HERE

The lies and dishonesty and the behaviour of people like Gerard Batten, Mick McGough, David Bannerman, Gawain Towler, Nigel Farage, Stuart Parr, Derek Clark, Christopher Gill, Malcolm Lord Pearson, Paul Nuttall and the rest of the raft of self serving fools show Nigel Farage to be a liar in spirit and actions.

UKIP's involvement with the 'REFORM SECTION 5' campaign related to The Public Order Act befouls the entire credibility of the campaign - Just as does their serial attempts to defraud the public purse!


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