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UKIP's Gerard Batten Exposed as The Odious & Corrupt Extremist He Is.

UKIP's Gerard Batten Exposed as The Odious & Corrupt Extremist He Is.
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UKIP's MEP Gerard Batten Exposed as The Odious & Corrupt Extremist He Is by The Guardian 4 years after this blog published the facts - for more details regarding Gerard Batten, when you have read this post below, CLICK HERE.!!

it is good to see the media slowly waking from its torpor and publishing facts that were published on this blog in November 2009 and which Gerard Batten distorted and lied about to the police, together with other material he sought to suppress and also to misrepresent in an attempt to dupe the Metropolitan Police into bringing a prosecution against me for, in order to silence the supply of facts regarding him and also about UKIP.

Fortunately the police saw through Gerard Batten's dishonesty and took no further action.

It is largely due to the fact that Gerard Batten was happy to tell lies and bear false witness against me to protect himself that leads me to believe that he did likewise regarding Jasna Badzak and may well have lied to both the police and the Courts to silence her revelations about his racism and criminality - perhaps you should read the Court transcripts and decide for yourself and note the length of the show trial and the bizarre comments of the Judge and the obvious lack of documentary evidence! It is also worth noting how long the case was regarding the claimed simple error of overpayment of salary!

I tend to find the claimed guilt of Jasna Badzak as more a reflection of the dishonesty and odious nature of Gerard Batten than ever it exposed Jasna Badzak, clearly an incensed employee who turned whistle blower on the racism and corruption of Gerard Batten who I know to be a liar and without principles.

As now it seems The Guardian has seen fit eventually to expose!

Ukip MEP says British Muslims should sign charter rejecting violence

Gerard Batten, Ukip's immigration spokesman, proposed ban on new European mosques and says Qur'an needs updating
Gerard Batten cuts a distinctive figure at the European parliament
Gerard Batten cuts a distinctive figure at the European parliament, where he is an MEP for the UK Independence party. Photograph: Jean-Marc Loos/Corbis
A Ukip MEP believes that British Muslims should sign a special code of conduct and warns that it was a big mistake for Europe to allow "an explosion of mosques across their land".
Gerard Batten, who represents London and is member of the party's executive, told the Guardian on Tuesday that he stood by a "charter of Muslim understanding", which he commissioned in 2006.
The document asks Muslims to sign a declaration rejecting violence and says that certain parts of the Qur'an that promote "violent physical Jihad" should be regarded as "inapplicable, invalid and non-Islamic".
Critics said his comments represent the "ugliest side of Ukip" and "overlap with the far-right", in spite of the efforts of party leader Nigel Farage to create a disciplined election machine ahead of the European elections.
Asked on Tuesday about the charter, Batten told the Guardian he had written it with a friend, who is an Islamic scholar, and could not see why "any reasonable, normal person" would object to signing it.
Link to video: Ukip MEP Gerard Batten warns of 'explosion of mosques' across Europe
Batten also repeated his view that some Muslim texts need updating, claiming some say "kill Jews wherever you find them and various things like that".
"If that represents the thinking of modern people, there's something wrong, in which case maybe they need to revise their thinking. If they say they cannot revise their thinking on those issues, then who's got the problem –us or them?" he added.
Asked why Muslims have been singled out, rather than followers of other faiths like Christians or Jews, Batten said: "Christians aren't blowing people up at the moment, are they? Are there any bombs going off round the world which are claimed by Christian organisations? I don't think so."
In a separate video interview from 2010, Batten also proposed a ban on new mosques across Europe, suggested Muslim countries should not be "appeased" and warned of the threats of having "two incompatible systems living in the same place at the same time".
Farage's attempts to rid the party of "Walter Mitty" types comes after a stream of controversies about Ukip politicians, including the party's suspension of a councillor for blaming flooding on gay marriage and the ejection of MEP Godfrey Bloom following comments about women and sending foreign aid to "bongo-bongo land".
With Ukip hoping to top the polls in May's European elections, Batten is top of the party's MEP candidate list for London, having passed a round of psychometric testing to make sure his views were acceptable.
However, Batten – Ukip's spokesman on immigration and a former candidate for London mayor – appears to have held some controversial positions on Islam for some time. His "proposed charter of Muslim understanding" was written in 2006 by Sam Solomon, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, with a foreword by the MEP himself.
In a press release from the time, published on Ukip's website, Batten calls on Muslims to sign a five-point affirmation, in which they would promise to accept equality, reject violence in the name of religion, and accept a need to "re-examine and address the meaning and application of certain Islamic texts and doctrines".
Asked on Tuesday whether he still believed Muslims should sign the charter, Batten said: "I don't suppose the pope would disagree with it or the archbishop of Canterbury or anybody else. So why should they feel aggrieved that they might be asked to sign. They don't have to. If they don't believe in those five points, they don't have to sign it."
In the 2010 interview, Batten suggests a ban on new mosques in "our cities" and warns it was wrong to have allowed so many already.
"They don't allow Christian churches or Hindu temples to be built or any kind of non-Muslim place of worship in many of their countries and certainly not in the heartland of their religion," he said. "Well, if they don't allow it, why can they expect to see their religion tolerated somewhere else?
Asked about his views on the building of mosques, Batten told the Guardian: "Why do we allow the wholesale building of mosques by a religion that refuses in its heartland to acknowledge other people's right to worship a different religion?"
And pressed on whether he was confusing individual Muslims with the actions of some Muslim states, he said: "They should be protesting about people being arrested in Saudi Arabia for carrying a bible. Maybe that's what they should be getting upset about and protesting about. Showing they are in the same mindset as the rest of us."
Rehman Chishti, Tory MP for Gillingham and Rainham, said Batten's position was "shocking", particularly the charter's suggestion that parts of the Qur'an should be rendered "inapplicable". "If Nigel Farage had any credibility, he would quite clearly not allow this individual to stand for office in Ukip," he said.
Sadiq Khan, Labour's shadow London minister, also said he was "appalled at the ignorance that Gerard Batten appears to have shown when speaking about the faith that I and hundreds of thousands of British Muslims practice".
Mary Honeyball, a Labour MEP for London, said Batten "represents the ugliest side of Ukip". "Batten's views overlap with the far-right. The idea that Muslims should be singled out in the way he suggests is a relic from a darker, more prejudiced time," she said.
Some of Batten's other controversial views include bringing back the death penalty for certain crimes. He has also sought to highlight the issue of powerful politicians attending the secretive Bilderberg conference and immigration of Romanians and Bulgarians.
In a statement to the Guardian, Batten later said: "I would expect the fundamentalists to agree with me that democracy is incompatible with fundamentalist Islam. Moderate Muslims have to decide which side of the argument they are on.
"Who is in favour of jihad? Apart from the jihadists of course? I was, and still am, happy to speak out against it. It is amusing that the Guardian equates being opposed to extremism and jihadism as 'overlapping with the far-right'. So are left-wing liberals in favour of jjihad? If not, do they overlap too?"
To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

For more details of Gerard Batten & UKIP's extremist behaviour and Batten's apparent overt racism based on his extreme position of anti Islam and the apparent desire to incite racial hatred CLICK HERE

Some may remember my comment on a posting on 06-Nov-2009 
Do not forget Gerard Batten colluded in the orchestrated cover-up of Tom Wise’s criminality. Do not forget that Gerard Batten never missed an opportunity to lie about me due to his embarrassment in being shown to be without morality with regard to Tom Wise. Do not forget that Gerard Batten colluded with Derek Clark MEP & the corrupt Douglas Denny to pillory and orchestrate a Kangarroo Court ensuring Peter Baker was denied a fair hearing by blocking the ONLY valid witness. Do remember that Gerard Batten is associated with Mike McGough who is a proven liar and cheat. Do remember Gerard Batten permitted the publication of a private letter from John Wise permitting the bullying and lies of the vile Mike McGough on the internet. Do remember that Gerard Batten failed to do ANYTHING to address the corruption of the MEP selection process and the returning officer’s report. Do remember Gerard Batten did absolutely nothing publicly to support his staff member Lynda Robson in her Official Complaint as per Returning Officer’s exposure of corruption and dishonesty. Gerard Batten has not so much as murmered to block association with racists, xenophobes, anti Jewish, pro violence, sexually intolerant colleagues in the Farage Pan EU Political Party/group. This man is indisputably unfit for leadership or as an MEP. Regards, Greg L-W.
& clearly I stand by my comments on the ‘JUNIUS’ blog of:
Tuesday, 3 November 2009
& do see CLICK HERE

A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding
By Sam Solomon
Foreword by Gerard Batten
UK Independence Party
Member of the European Parliament for London
1st Edition – December 2006
Revised Edition – April 2007

Seemingly distributed via Gerard Batten’s UKIP office and no doubt at the expense of UKIP Funds, which he  is entitled to. Funds that were allocated for the use of UKIP and to further the Leave-The-EU aims of UKIP!
One is forced to speculate as to whether Harold Batten was the printer and what that was billed out as
Whatever your superstitions or beliefs I can not believe that even UKIP is stupid enough to have endorsed Gerard Batten’s evil and divisive racism be that on colour, creed or views!
A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding

I, the undersigned, as an individual, or as an official representative
of an organisation, accept in principle the need to re-examine and
address the meaning and application of certain Islamic texts and
doctrines; and that the issues identified in the Proposed Charter of
Muslim Understanding represent the basis for further discussion of
these issues.
I affirm my belief in:
1. The equality of all human beings, before God and the law
2. Equal rights for women, in principle and practice
3. The rejection of coercion, intimidation and violence in the
name of religion
4. Religious freedom and rejection of the persecution of those
who convert from one faith to another
5. Tolerance of other religions, and their believers, and the
rejection of religious teachings that discriminate against
others on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Please detach and return to:
Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding
P.O. Box 51542
London, SE1 3XS
One has to wonder who and what degree of malevolence was required for someone to believe this garbage has any place in British politics – You will note the fanciful assumption that religion is a plausible concept on which any sane individual could legislate!!
Can one rationally believe that ANY of this childish drivel has any part in a campaign to Leave-The-EU – Here is more nauseating clandestine material being published under cover by Gerard Batten it would seem – One must wonder who exactly he sees to be his master and surely even UKIP would not subscribe to this racist prejudice:

Gerard Batten MEP



Dismantling Multiculturalism

Policy Discussion Document

10th February 2011

Multiculturalism has failed

Multiculturalism depends on the proposition that all cultures, cultural beliefs, customs and practices are equally valid. Mass immigration into many western countries for the last forty years or more has brought with it some cultures and cultural practices that are alien to western cultures and liberal, democratic political systems. Instead of taking a robust attitude against these alien practices western countries have mostly adopted an attitude of appeasement and cultural relativism. Western Governments have been terrified of criticising or standing up against these practices for fear of being branded ‘racist’ or ‘Islamaphobic’.

Most European and Western countries are multi-ethnic societies and is no reason why people of difference racial and ethnic origins cannot live together peacefully; but to do so requires emphasising those things we have in common rather than those things that separate us.  It requires that all citizens living in a given state have broadly the same allegiance, loyalty and belief in a common set of public and political institutions and the acceptance of one legal system. Multiculturalism does precisely the opposite: it creates different and competing groups within one public and political space and is a recipe for division and conflict.

Many European and Western countries have adopted a policy of state-sponsored multiculturalism, designed to preserve and enshrine the beliefs and cultural practices of migrants and to protect and advance them by law and public subsidy. The objective was that the policy of multiculturalism would help absorb and integrate vast waves of migrants from foreign lands. In that it has conspicuously failed – as now has been publicly attested by figures such as Trevor Philips Head of the Race Relations Commission, President Angela Merkel of Germany, President Sarkosy of France, and latterly Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK, to name just four.

However from the point of view of those groups that use multiculturalism to promote their own separate interests it has and is succeeding and they have a vested interest in seeing it continue.

Private Multiculturalism Good: Public Multiculturalism Bad.

A clear distinction must be drawn between private and public multiculturalism. The private practice of religious and cultural beliefs, customs and traditions should be precisely that – private. We can all enjoy the private practice of different cultures and beliefs and share them with our friends and neighbours. That is a good and positive thing that can help bring people together.

The public policy of state-sponsored multiculturalism is quite another thing and it has created an increasingly more fractured, divided, contentious and uneasy societies. It cannot go unsaid that the biggest beneficiaries of this public policy of multiculturalism are Islamic fundamentalist and extremists who use it to extend their own power and influence in order to bring about their long term goal of an Islamic or Islamic dominated state in each one of those countries where they settle. Multiculturalism also undermines those moderate Muslims who wish to embrace Western values but see power and influence being extended to their extremist co-religionists.

Islamic fundamentalism is the cuckoo in the Western multicultural nest. We can either address it now or be destroyed by it in the course of time.

Dismantling Multiculturalism

This short paper is not a detailed history, analysis and critique of multiculturalism and its failure. It is taken as a given that it has failed and has to be dismantled. The points below are suggested policies that could be adopted by political parties and governments of any political colour and in any country in the world that wishes to preserve and promote common western liberal democratic values. The points below are specifically aimed at Britain but can adapted as required.

Policy Suggestions

  1. Recognise that Christianity is the cultural heritage of Britain and affirm the secular nature of government and public institutions. This should be recognised by an exception for the Church of England as the historically established church but bishops should be removed from their positions in the House of Lords and the Monarch should lose the power (exercised through the Prime Minister) to appoint the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  1. A commitment to end the policy of state-sponsored and funded multiculturalism by local and national government.

  1. A commitment to promote a common public culture, expressed in a common language (excluding existing historic regional differences), one legal system and one set of political institutions – none other should be formally recognised by the state.

  1. There must be equal application of the law. There can be no separation of people based on religious practices in public places, e.g. in swimming pools and hospital chapels.

  1. There must be one language used in national and political institutions and publicly funded places (excluding historical differences such a Welsh in Wales or Gaelic in Scotland). InEngland only English must be displayed in public buildings such as local and national government offices, universities, colleges, schools, hospitals, clinics etc.

  1. Repeal the Act of Parliament that recognises Sharia law in some tribunals, (e.g. for family law, child custody, inheritance etc). Sharia law must be given no official recognition or legal status whatsoever.

  1. Repeal the Act (???) that gives official recognition to Islamic Banking. There must be no financial or banking regulations based on religious law.

  1. Repeal those Acts (???) which give recognition to polygamous marriage for tax or social security and benefits purposes. There must be no official or legal recognition of polygamous marriages.

  1. Stop all government funding to organisations that promote religious fundamentalist or extremist views, e.g. the Muslim Council of Britain, the Quilliam Foundation, the Union of Imams & Mosques in the UK and Ireland etc. Any organisation that requests public funding must be required to sign and actively abide by a Code of Conduct (see Appendix I).

  1. Social Security and benefits payments can only be claimed in English where the recipient has been living in the UK for 12 months or more. For those who have entered the UK and do not speak English subsidised English classes must be made available.

  1. No granting of planning permission to religious organisations that: do not abide by and actively practice a Code of Conduct (see Appendix I); are funded from outside the UK  unless they have a special dispensation from the Home Secretary, such dispensations should discretionary and will only granted where it can clearly be shown where the money originates from, and where it can be demonstrated that it is not from extremist sources, or is intended to promote religious fundamentalist or extremist views.

  1. Repeal the Religious Hatred Act (???). The promotion of hatred or violence against individuals or groups is catered for under the normal criminal law. No religious belief system or ideology may be protected from criticism by law.

  1. Ensure that the law on forced marriages and female genital mutilation is rigorously enforced.

  1. Religious schools should only be allowed where they can sign and show actively to abide by a Code of Conduct (see Appendix I). 

  1. Repeal the Act of Parliament that gives exception for ritual slaughter for religious reasons. These are outmoded and barbaric practices that have no place in the 21st century or n the light of humane animal welfare policies.

  1. Something on the funding of universities???

  1. Enact a law of face coverings in public places. (see Appendix II)


Appendix I

Code of Conduct

To be added as per existing ‘Affirmation’

Appendix II

Face Coverings Policy

To be added later a per existing ‘burka and face coverings policy’.
One must wonder what twisted mind outside of Nazi Germany would believe this acceptable or even moral – Herman Goerring would be proud of Gerard Batten’s efforts and many will remember Nigel Farage & Mark Croucher‘s collusion to exploit their BNP friends like Buster Motram who was a family friend of Nigel farage’s whom he had personally sponsored within UKIP as with his own Election Agent from The National Front!
Nigel Farage was set to not just orchestrate his own Crystal Nacht to seek to rid himself of his enemies (those who believed in probity and that ALL were answerable to the members and the rule of law) – Their own Reichstag Fire was in place and when triggered by Farage at an NEC meeting the low grad clowns on the NEC like puppets jumped through every hoop placed before them.

The result of this ‘Night of The Long Knives’ was the removal of Dr. Eric Edmond & Dr. David Abbott from the NEC despite their undeniable elected status. The removal of honest men made way for more sycophantic and dishonest puppets – the likes of the fantasistDouglas Denny, the odious and idiotic Mick McGough and others – now UKIP has the misfortune of the Tory reject and the image of sleaze that the risible Niel Hamilton brings as his main contribution to his own very personal ambitions!
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Sunday, 20 October 2013

UKIP: The hypocrisy of Gerard Batten MEP

UKIP: The hypocrisy of Gerard Batten MEP

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. Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
First Published at CLICK HERE

On: Wednesday, 11 April 2012

UKIP: The hypocrisy of Gerard Batten MEP

Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage: Two disgusting hypocrites who have done rather well since joining the EU Gravy Train. Batten claims to hate Nigel for his hypocrisy but is he any different?

A number of folk have commented on the fact that an article linking Gerard Batten to the convicted fraudster and right-wing extremist Gregory Lauder-Frost has been removed from this blog. We can explain....

Batten is subject to certain legal proceedings, with decision expected any day now. It is rumoured that he has had an injunction put in place to prevent discussion about the case in the British press. As such Google appears to have intervened and removed the post from British viewers. The article remains in place for people accessing this blog from outside the UK.

This is ironic, as Batten is a defender of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who is facing extradition to the USA. Apparently transparency and public access to information are things to be defended - unless that information concerns Batten!

If details of the allegations against him were to appear on Wikileaks, would Batten be so happy to defend Assange?

We are happy to report that the CPS has rejected several complaints made by Batten against Greg Lance-Watkins. These complaints were originally made to the police in a desperate attempt to silence GLW and his blog. Yet another example of Batten's disgusting hypocrisy. And since was telling the truth a crime, Mr Batten? And why have you never contacted GLW to complain about ANY of his posts if they are untrue?


Greg_L-W. said...

I gather there was an injunction of some sort placed upon the information IN The Court relative to the allegations of racism etc. made against Gerard Batten - which clearly no one who was not actually in the Court would have known about.

The Court itself willingly provided certain details when phoned by members of the public which can be shown.

With regard to information published by Junius and myself regarding Gerard Batten's behaviour firstly there was no reason to believe that any kind of injunction was being used to suppress the facts as shown by the fact that the industrial/employment tribunals when John Whittacker was found guilty and also when the verdict of guilty handed down against UKIP, Nigel Farage and Godfrey Bloom took place - no such suppression of the truth was imposed.

Similarly when Lisa Duffy lied to the Court for UKIP as when Paul Nuttall lied on Anthony Butcher's UKIP controlled blog and also when he was officially censured by The Data Protection Commissioner.

There were also no restrictions on reporting when UKIP effectively lost their case against me when Mark Croucher acted against me when in UKIP employ supported by Paul Nuttall and Clive Page in Court who all three held positions working for UKIP leadership.

You will also note that although The Court issued an order for payment in my favour neither UKIP nor Mark Croucher had the integrity to honour the Courts and owe me a considerable sum of money morally running to over £12,500 which they have to date defaulted on.

With regard to whether the complaint that led to the strange removal of the facts from Junius was made by Gerard Batten or Gregory Lauder-Frost or someone acting on their behalf seems immaterial as clearly both parties have endeavoured to suppress the truth about them and reasonable comment in the past and have a track record of what many consider to be extremism and I believe can easily be seen as incitement to racial hatred be that based on ethnicity or superstition.

Fortunately it will be noted that neither Junius nor I were aware of any suppression of the truth to protect Gerard Batten and neither of us acted willfully against a Court diktat as neither of us reported on the supposedly confidential facts put forward in the Court but merely reported the facts in the public domain.
Interestingly you will note that if you read Junius' blog elsewhere in The EU it is clearly visible uncensored!

Obviously had Gerard Batten had any complaint legitimate or perceived he has had every opportunity to make contact with me for either a right of reply on my blog or if he could show that one word of what I published was false he could reasonably have asked for it to be corrected.

It does rather look as if Gerard Batten or his associates are seemingly trumping up issues in a desperate attempt to suppress the truth and maliciously and vindictively suppress reasonable reportage of their odious activity.

Police State that we seem increasingly to be governed by presumably it is still acceptable under free speech to tell the truth and to state and discuss opinions!

Gerard Batten has loudly proclaimed his support for the right of free speech of Julian Assange of Wikileaks - just as associates of his have been willing to give support to Anders Brevik and apart from mere words' of no consequence or value no one in UKIP leadership took action against those supporting Anders Brevik - a sad reflection UKIP, Gerard Batten and their racist, anti homosexual, Holocaust denying, anti Jewish associates.

Many will remember the vile tract published by Anthony Bennett of UKIP whilst working for Jeffrey Titford (leader of UKIP), the vile attack on Muslims of the award winning Zionist Malcolm Pearson (leader of UKIP), The exploitation and people trafficking of Poles by Roger Knapman & family (leader of UKIP) and of course the odious tract put in the public domain by Gerard Batten regarding his antipathy to Islam believed to be influenced by his personal superstitions and maybe also the fact that his Filipino wife is most probably a Catholic - it will be known by the informed that there is great animus between the Catholics and The Muslims in the Philippines!

Presumably the verdict of the Court on Gerard Batten's alleged racism etc. will be made known shortly, just as were the details that the case was taking place which were readily available direct from the Court by phone!

If Gerard Batten actually believes in what many see as his extremist behaviour and associates and his apparently overt willingness to seemingly spread racial hatred based upon his choice of superstitions and beliefs one wonders why he wishes to suppress the discussion of his views!

To avoid ANY misunderstandings - I was not only unaware but clearly there was no reason to be aware that Gerard Batten had or had sought any type of suppression order to suppress reporting of the facts.

Further please note I did NOT report any comments or facts that I had any reason to believe were not in the public domain.

It is also my opinion that this entire issue is a trumpped up and thus dishonest situation as Gerard Batten took absolutely no steps to contact me or to contact Junius through me to seek correction or inform us he had some sort of suppression order to prevent reporting of the facts.

May I remind readers that Gerard Batten is a public servant and it would seem he is acting in abuse of his position in seemingly inciting racial hatred based u8pon his chosen superstitions.

The day that it is unlawfull to discuss the actual behaviour of public servants will be a sad day for these United Kingdoms and to note YET AGAIN UKIP seeking to suppress the truth and act against freedom of speech upholding EU diktats and Political Correctness is possibly the ultimate hypocracy.

With regard to the idiotic comments of UKIP supporters repeatedly claiming that I am mad and that no one reads Junius' or my blog and that the facts we present are untrue - how come they spend so much time reading our blogs and attacking us?

The number of readers is to me utterly irrelevant, on my blogs - I post them as an archive record of facts and my opinions on those facts.

It is the caliber of the readers which is of consequence!

Junius said...
Indeed! Batten has NEVER attempted to complain to the Junius Team - thru this blog - about ANY of our posts concerning him. However, we can well understand Batten's desire to hide the truth about himself and his disgusting associates!
. .
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